Dear Friends:

Since I announced my intention to seek another term as Mayor of Ocean City I’ve been gratified at the many good wishes and pledges of support I have received from so many of you.

You’ve told me you appreciate a local government that works together to accomplish the common goals we all share for our community.  It was not that long ago that our public discussions wasted valuable time as our elected officials and citizens bickered and argued at meeting after meeting.

You’ve told me that you appreciate the fact that we now work together, the Administration, the City Council and the public to get things done.  Our decisions are made in an open and transparent manner.  The results speak for themselves.

We’re investing more than ever before in the desperately needed infrastructure improvements that were delayed for too long.  At the same time, we have stabilized spending and instituted sound financial planning that is responsible for both the short and long terms.  These plans provide for the high quality public services our residents, visitors and property owners expect.

As pleased as I am with the progress that’s been made there is still much to do as we continue to catch up from years of neglect.  My Administration has developed, and City Council has adopted, an aggressive but responsible five-year plan that does just that.

In recent years Ocean City has won award after award in recognition of what a wonderful place our community has become to live, retire, visit and invest.  Our hard work and commitment to working together is paying off.

We have great momentum and I’m asking for your support to keep Ocean City moving in the right direction.

Warm regards,


Jay A. Gillian